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Express Medical Equipment offers the following line of Medela wound care products. Medela develops and manufactures high-quality medical vacuum technology for hospitals, nursing homes, doctors' practices and homecare settings. Medela's integrated systems, such as its fluid collection systems and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, provide Swiss reliability and quality to support medical staff and patients alike. Through basic and applied research, Medela aims to build knowledge and establish strong relationships with healthcare professionals. Contact Express Medical Equipment for more information about Medela wound care products or to place an order.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

Medela offers a complete portfolio of innovative, safe and effective Negative Pressure Wound Therapy solutions designed by experts in medical vacuum technology.

Invia Liberty Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) System

Invia Liberty is a reusable NPWT system that can be used to treat a variety of wound types in all patient care settings. A proven and versatile system, Invia Liberty offers clinical flexibility with a range of pressure settings and therapy modes, while promoting patient mobility due to the pump's compact size and lightweight design.

Invia Motion Personal NPWT Pump

Medela's Invia Motion Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) pumps are designed to treat chronic and acute wounds. To the caring clinician, Invia Motion delivers the convenience of a personal pump while providing complete therapy. Invia Motion is a personal NPWT device for every patient.

Accessories for Invia Liberty and Invia Motion

Medela offers a full range of accessories for its NPWT devices.

Invia Foam Dressing Kit

Medela's Invia foam and gauze dressing kits provide options for patients and professionals with easy-to-use and reliable NPWT solutions. Along with a separate gauze -kit -option, the new foam dressing kit complements Medela`s premier offering of reusable and personal NPWT pumps.

Invia Gauze Dressing Kits

Invia gauze dressing kits consist of a roll or pad of Antimicrobial Gauze, an External Suction Interface (ESI) or internal drain, and different sizes of transparent film. Kits are conveniently packaged with individualized sterilized supplies needed for a dressing change including: non-adherent wound contact layer, barrier film wipes, saline bullets, strip paste, and non-sterile adhesive tape. Kits with an ESI do not include strip paste and adhesive tape.

Cardiothoracic drainage

Medela's digital cardiothoracic drainage systems provide regulated negative pressure for removing air and fluid from the pleural space and/or mediastinum for patients with injuries or diseases, or those recovering from surgery. Thopaz also allow for unrestricted mobility and provide precise data. This enables healthcare professionals to make timely and objective decisions regarding digital chest drainage management.

Thopaz Digital Chest Drainage System

Thopaz has set new standards in thoracic drainage therapy. The compact system provides regulated negative pressure close to the patient’s chest, which is ideal for pleural and mediastinal drainage. A digital display shows actual and long-term air leak data to allow for timely and objective decisions regarding chest drain management.

Accessories and Disposables for Thopaz System

Thopaz sets a new standards in chest drainage management in terms of mobility, objective digital data and ease of use.

Airway suction

Airway suctioning removes secretions that accumulate in the respiratory tract. Medela’s pumps meet the highest international standards and requirements for careful application: a rapid vacuum build-up, full reliability and little noise during operation. Another important aspect is the compact size, which allows for unrestricted patient mobility.

Accessories for Clario and Clario Toni

The Clario system is ideal for airway suctioning at home, on the road or in the clinic.

Vario 18 Portable Suction Pump

Vario 18 is an efficient medical suction pump. As a multipurpose pump for hospitals, clinics and home care, it offers reliability, mobility and low noise levels.

Accessories for Vario and Vario 18 c/i Suction Pumps

The Vario 18 and Vario 18 c/i are multipurpose medical suction pumps for hospitals, clinics and homecare.

Surgical suction

Suction pumps are used during and after surgery to remove surgical fluids, tissue (including bones), gases and bodily fluids. Medela designs high-quality vacuum suction technology that delivers a build-up of suction power that is both reliable and easy to handle, which are important aspects for daily hospital use. Medela provides a wide range of suction pumps and accessories for all applications.

Basic Suction Pump

The Basic Suction Pump provides reliable high-power vacuum for a variety of applications in hospitals, clinics and medical practices. The Basic Pump can also be used to provide the vacuum required for use with cardiac tissue stabilizers used in off-pump coronary artery bypass and for use with epicardial ablation probes. The Medela Basic is a truly innovative and uniquely designed medical suction pump, which offers new standards of hygiene, ease of use and low noise levels.

Dominant Flex Suction Pump

The Dominant Flex is Medela's latest innovation in high-vacuum suction technology. One-touch adaptable flow rates allow for a wider variety of procedures to be carried out with just one pump. Designed for use in hospitals, clinics and medical practices, the Dominant Flex is the optimal medical suction pump for all suctioning needs. The Dominant Flex Pump can also be used to provide the vacuum required for use with cardiac tissue stabilizers used in off-pump coronary artery bypass and for use with epicardial ablation probes.

Accessories Basic and Dominant Flex

The Dominant Flex and Basic suction pumps provide reliable suction for multiple applications in medical practices, hospital wards, operating theaters and emergency rooms.

Vario 18 c/i Surgical Suction Pump

The Vario 18 c/i is a multipurpose medical suction pump for hospitals and clinics that provides constant and intermittent suction.

Accessories for Vario 18 and Vario 18 c/i Suction Pumps

The Vario 18 and Vario 18 c/i are multipurpose medical suction pumps for hospitals, clinics and homecare.

Fluid collection

Medela provides hygienic and efficient fluid collection systems, in both disposable and reusable models, and which fit individual suctioning applications. A wide range of accessories complement the range.

Disposable Collection System

Medela’s Disposable Fluid Collection products provide hygienic, easy-to-use and economical fluid management.

Reusable Collection System

The Medela Reusable Collection System is made of durable, autoclavable, high-quality components.

Accessories for Fluid Collection

The Medela Fluid Collection Systems are easy to operate and provide hygienic, user-friendly and economic fluid management. Ancillary accessories complement the Disposable and Reusable Collection Systems.